About Us

A Child’s Place prides itself on providing loving quality care for your child and the implementation of an exceptional educational program. The program is based on the philosophy that children learn best through hands-on activities that address the needs of the whole child. We encourage you, as parents, to become involved in your child’s education at our center. A Child’s Place organizes various activities throughout the year to encourage parental involvement, which provide enjoyable social opportunities for parents, children, staff, and the community. Parental participation and support of the program are vital to cultivating our success as a quality preschool.  We hope that your involvement with A Child’s Place proves to be an enjoyable and beneficial experience for you and your child.


A Child’s Place is a licensed, family-owned early learning center located in Nicholasville, KY for the past 27 years. Our newly renovated facility provides a nurturing space where children are stimulated, encouraged, challenged and comforted. In the warmth of this setting we hope each child in our care develops a positive attitude toward learning. Our approach to child care and education is caring for the “whole child” and meeting their physical, emotional and intellectual needs. Our services include infant care, a certified preschool program, an after school program, and a summer program that encourage development and exploration through hands-on learning experiences. 


Ms. Cilisa Carpenter


Ms. Cilisa has over 30 years experience working with children.  She has her Masters degree in Education and Child Psychology.  She fell in love with caring and teaching children at a young age.  At 23 she decided to open A Child’s Place to be able to fill the needs of parents and children for quality childcare and educational programs for all ages.  Today she still loves children and even though she’s not in the center daily she works to ensure A Child’s Place is the place for families that she always hoped it would be.




Ms. Tracey Cooper

Ms. Tracey has more than 20 years experience working with children and loves watching them grow and develop educationally.  She has worked for A Child’s Place for a total of more than 10 years.  She has a Certified Nursing Assistant License and also holds the official KY Directors Credential. Ms. Tracey deals daily with all the aspects of running a center and she does it with all the best intentions and love for the children.




Ms. Tanya Chadwell

Ms. Tanya has worked at A Child’s Place for 8 years in various positions, working her way up to assistant director.  She is about to finish and receive her Associates Degree in Arts and Early Childhood Education. Now she is not only the Assistant Director but is also the Lead Teacher in our school age classroom. She enjoys watching the children grow, learn and flourish every day.



Ms. Rachel Marshall

Ms. Rachel has been at A Child’s Place for over 10 years.  She has served in several capacities.  She was a wonderful infant teacher, and works as our food service coordinator as well as being the supervising teacher of the whole center.  Ms. Rachel genuinely loves children, she actually has 4 of her own that have grown up at our center.  She shows her love to all the children at A Child’s Place daily through her food, her positive words and the care she gives to each and every child.